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who we are

CATUR Coffee Company is an exporting coffee company, sourcing both specialty and commercial grade green bean coffees.

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In collaboration with Bumiterra, we conduct the calculation of our carbon emissions following the internationally recognized GHG Protocol, aligned with the IPCC guidelines. Furthermore, adherence to the AA1000 V3 framework ensures a comprehensive assessment of our company's emissions footprint.


by collaborating synergistically, we strive to work collectively and attain the realm of what is achievable.

Through collaborative efforts with our esteemed processors and dedicated farmers, our aspiration is to present the finest Indonesian coffee on a global stage.


ever wondered what we have available?

let us make it easier for you.


we want to share our story through our coffee, and hopefully inspire others in the process. 

Together with our partner distributors, we extend accessibility to those seeking to procure our coffee beyond Indonesia.

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