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The collaboration between CATUR Coffee Company and Bumiterra starts with the calculation of carbon footprint, which is then used as the quantity of CO2 needed to offset the emissions generated from CATUR Coffee Company's operational activities.

Bumiterra aligns seamlessly with CATUR Coffee Company in their shared commitment to sustainable economics. Through this collaborative endeavor, Bumiterra will procure carbon credits, valuable tradable commodities derived from the commodification process. Each carbon credit represents the reduction or absorption of one metric ton of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

The pursuit of carbon emission reduction constitutes a sustainable initiative that necessitates the collective engagement of stakeholders across diverse industries. This comprehensive program will commence in September 2022, with a targeted reduction of emissions by 40 percent by year-end. Moreover, by 2023, our company has set an ambitious objective of achieving a 100 percent reduction in carbon emissions.

This includes comprehensive data collection from our processing partners regarding post-harvest practices, encompassing total waste management, transportation methods for shipments, and energy utilization. Additionally, within the internal operations of CATUR, data is also gathered regarding business trips, bean shipments, energy consumption, usage of inoculants, and packaging practices.

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