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Through purchasing cherries and green beans with a reasonable, yet proportional price from the local farmers and processors, we created three product categories to showcase the wonderful flavors of our coffee.

Riserva Series

Riserva is the word for an Italian wine that claims superior quality through better care with exceptional notes. This collection is personally hand-picked and curated, then reserved for the World Coffee Championship stage, as well as the most prominent coffee bars around the world.

Score range: 88+


CATUR Collection

Created to tackle the challenge of consistency of crop, our CATUR Collection are produced in distinctive, repeatable taste profiles made possible by the combination of proprietary inoculants, processing techniques, as well as blending to ensure that we are able to offer the same taste profiles, every harvest year.

Score range: 84 - 88



CATUR Blend is a collection of Grade 1 and below coffees, catering to the needs of hotels, restaurants and cafes, at the commercial coffee level up to the premium non specialty level.

Score range: < 84


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