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We love our coffee, and we want you to try and love it too.

CATUR Europe is an extension of CATUR Coffee Company. We believe that through this extension, folks who are interested in our coffee, can taste it even if they're on the other side of the world.


Teaming up with Dejan- CATUR hopes that through this partnership, our mission to be agents of change would inspire others, not just in Indonesia, but also beyond.

Dejan Borisavljevic

Dejan grew up in South Germany, where he was taught the art of fermenting foods from a very young age. After graduating from university, he spent over a decade in investment banking before stumbling over cacao and coffee during a road trip across Flores with his family. Little did he know that this serendipitous encounter would change his future path, combining his nerdy passion for fermentation as a method to refine foods and admiration of his wife’s home country, Indonesia.


In 2019 he set up a dedicated distribution platform for Indonesian specialty cacao connecting Indonesian farmers directly with award-winning chocolate makers from Europe, Asia-Pacific and the US.


By chance, Dejan met the CATUR team at a coffee festival in Paris. It became clear that we are both Agents of Change, driven by a strong focus on quality and sustainable impact for our partners on the ground.


And this is when we decided to join forces and start the journey of CATUR Europe.


+31 6 1999 2143

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